Sheet Music and Synchronisation

Australian Compositions


All bands participating in the ANOFOB need to submit at least one video of an Australian Composition. This requirement is because the ANOFOB wants to hear Australian Bands perform and listen to Australian Composed Band Music performances.


You will also need to seek synchronisation permission to make these recordings. The BANSW has two useful databases that list Australian Composers and Music Publishers composing and publishing music for brass and concert bands. These databases also provide information if there are any synchronisation fees to pay.


Any Australian Composers and Sheet Music Publishers of music for brass and concert bands not listed in the databases can have their details added to the Composer & Publisher Databases page on the BANSW website. 



Copyright laws require that to make a video recording of any work, you must obtain permission from the Publisher, Composer or Owner of the Rights. This permission is via a synchronisation licence. Therefore, you must contact the Composer, Publisher or Copyright Owner in writing and pay and synchronisation fee required before making your recordings. We have provided a sample letter below that bands can use to request synchronisation permissions to facilitate this process. 

Sample Letter

Dear Sir/Madam, 

<Band Name> is seeking Synchronisation permission for <Composition Title> by <Composer/Arranger> in the Australian National Online Festival of Bands (ANOFOB)

We are a not-for-profit organisation, and the AONFOB is a not-for-profit online community-based event. The BANSW, which runs the ANOFOB, is a not-for-profit organisation.

We request synchronisation permission as participation in the ANOFOB requires a video-recorded performance of the above work to be made and uploaded to the BANSW YouTube Channel for adjudication and the event’s live-streaming. 

The video and event are non-commercial. The video recording has no religious, political or commercial associations or affiliations, and the recording of the video is in a “concert-style performance” setting. 

We also request that you waive or minimise any fees you may usually attach to synchronisation permissions. 

As the ANOFOB recordings need to be submitted early by October 2022, we seek your prompt response to our request. 

Thank you in anticipation <Band Name>.