ANOFOB Festival Information

By entering the ANOFOB, you agree to comply with the information below.  


Entry is open to all brass and concert bands.

To enter the ANOFOB, bands must complete and submit an Entry Form and pay the Entry Fee  and upload their performances by the closing date, 29 September, 2024. 


All bands have up to a total of 30 minutes of playing time. 

Bands can submit a minimum of 3 but a maximum of 5 video recordings. and must include at least one Australian composition. 

All Bands can also offer a short 2-minute “Meet Our Band” video during the ANOFOB.

The ANOFOB events are:

    • Open Band Sections – Developing, Intermediate, Advanced,
    • Regional Band Sections -Developing, Intermediate, Advanced,
    • Youth Band Sections (school and community-based Youth Bands where all members are under 19 years of age) – Developing, Intermediate, Advanced

Open Events are events open to all Bands across Australia (and the world!).

Regional Events are open to all Australian bands outside of their recognised Greater Metropolitan Areas of their state Capital Cities, i.e., outside of Greater Sydney, Greater Brisbane etc.

There are no minimum or maximum player numbers or need to provide player registrations or proof of band or association memberships.

Each band’s recordings will be live-streamed and published on the BANSW YouTube channel.

Entry Fees

The entry fee for ANOFOB is $120 for all brass and concert bands. If you are a current financial member of BANSW, the entry fee will be $100.

There will be no refund of entry fees after the closing date except in the event of extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the ANOFOB organising committee. 

Band Section Grades/Levels

Bands should enter the level that best represents their current playing ability, NOT by the level of the music they choose to submit.

    • Developing: the band plays Music Grade Levels 0 to 2.
    • Intermediate: the band plays music Grade Levels 2 to 4, or bands that compete in C & D grades or equivalent.
    • Advanced: the band plays music Grade Levels 4 and above, or bands that compete in A & B grades or equivalent.

Copyright and Synchronization

Our advice from One Music Australia is that all copyright and synchronization are covered under existing YouTube licences and nothing is required to be submitted to us. Any issues that may arise are dealt with by YouTube.

Adjudication and Awards

All performances will be reviewed and bands will receive a video or audio recorded critic of each of their performances by a specialist along with certificates after the festival’s conclusion.

Awards for Bands overall performance will be as follows:

    • Gold – An exemplary display of technical ability and musical interpretation of the composition.
    • Silver – An excellent display of technical ability and musical interpretation of the composition.
    • Bronze – A good display of technical ability and musical interpretation of the composition.

The ANOFOB will make result announcements for each event via the live-stream and the ANOFOB Facebook page and website. 

Additional Requirements

All bands will comply with instructions regarding the uploading and submitting videos are as advised on our Entry Form and Uploads page.