Entry Form and Uploads

Entry Form:

To enter the ANOFOB, complete the entry form below and pay for your entry in our Online Shop

ANOFOB will not be accepting submissions of late entries.

Video Recordings:

All bands must perform in their band uniform for the recording of their videos.

Recording of each video will be after April 1 2021, with no editing of the soundtrack.

Each band shall submit their video recordings along with a PDF of the score with ALL BARS NUMBERED.

Bands should ensure that their videos are of suitable quality for an effective adjudication and online publication. Bands can record their videos in any setting. 

We would encourage bands to record their videos at 720p with audio at 256kps in an MP4 format. Whilst many other options are available; these specifications are the recommended quality for our purposes and ease of upload.  

Importantly, video recording quality over 1080p is unnecessary for YouTube and makes the files too large to manage. Please see our Video and Audio Quality Tips.

Would you please record each of your music selections as a separate video? DO NOT submit ONE VIDEO that contains all your performances. The responsibility for obtaining and payment of any synchronisation permissions remains with the Bands.

We know from experience that most files should be less than 1 GB. If not, please do not use the upload box and contact ANOFOB Admin for further instructions.

All videos performances will be published for bands to see on the  BANSW YouTube Channel.

Uploading Videos and Sheet Music:

Submissions of videos and music scores will be via the video and file upload box below.

Please refer to the following documents regarding naming and uploading of your video and sheet music files:

Naming Your Video

Online Loading Instructions

  • Would you please complete the submissions form for each piece you are submitting and then attached your PDF sheet music file with ALL BARS NUMBERED?
  • Then press “submit form” and wait for the green tick.
  • Then drag/drop/select the associated video recording into the video upload box.
  • Please also wait for the progress bar to display and the green tick before leaving the page.
  • A reminder that the video upload speed is dependant on your ISP and is not due to our upload box. It could take several minutes to upload a large file with a slow upload speed, so please be patient and watch and wait for the progress bar to display.
  • Refresh this page again if you have another set of files to submit. Therefore, you will need to complete this upload process four separate times if you have four videos.  

Video and Sheet Music Upload Box:

Please upload your files here from September 1 until October 15, 2021.


** Remember to refresh this page and repeat the score and video submissions process if you have more than one piece to submit. If you have four pieces, you will need to do this four times. **