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BANSW Information Privacy Policy (as of July 2019)  


The Band Association of NSW (hereafter referred to as “The Association”) collects personal information for Band and Player registration and membership, contest management, advising members about the Association’s activities and the activities of the member bands of the Association which may be of interest to The Associations membership, through the various Association managed publications and communication channels.


The Association collects this information from its members through the use of the multiple forms which are available from the Associations office and website at Such information may be completed manually and sent to the Association by post, scanned and sent by email, or maybe completed and submitted via the Band Login section of the Association’s website. The Association takes all precautions to secure information sent by email but accepts no responsibility for the security of this information.


The type of information collected may include but is not restricted to: Member Bands: name of Band, Postal Address, Band regular Rehearsal address, Names and contact details of the Band President, Secretary, Director(s) of Music (Conductors and Band Trainers), Drum Major(s), Band Delegates and list of registered band members names and dates of birth.

This information is stored electronically and securely on the Associations Database and is also available on the Association’s website accessible only via the password secured Band Login. All member bands are allocated a unique Band number.

For Community Bands members registered with the Association: We may collect the following information from Individual Association members as Members of Bands: Name, date of birth, address, gender, occupation, signature and date of joining the Association and Band membership history. All individual members are allocated a unique member number in the Association database.

The member number, Name, Date of Birth, Occupation and Gender are kept both on the initially scanned registration voucher, in the Association database and available on the Association website through the password secured Band Login. Membership History information is only maintained in the Association database. Address and signature are only kept on the scanned registration voucher.

For School and Student Representative Bands: We collect the name of the School, the name, contact numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses of the conductors and school band program administrators and any other responsible representatives, the names and date of birth of the members of the school band as well as the names of any members of the school band whose photo would not be allowed to be taken or published. At ticketed events: We may collect the postcode of the person for whom a ticket has been sold.


The Association will only use the information it collects for the Associations and relevant Bands membership management, Contest Management and service award recognition purposes or for a related purpose that the person or organisation from which the information was collected would reasonably expect. Similar purposes may include general reporting to Government Departments, Local Councils and Sponsors. These reports may consist of general information but would only be of a general nature and would not include information which may identify any specific individual member(s). Related Purposes may consist of the provision of band information to outside persons or organisations looking to engage bands for performances or to outside persons looking for a band to join.


The Association will keep the information collected accurate and up-to-date to the best of its ability through the collection of forms from member bands and individuals as completed or as necessary.


Any member Band or individual may view the information held about themselves by the Association by contacting the Association Secretary and upon confirmation of the identity and entitlement to view and receive such information. If the information contained is inaccurate, the Association will endeavour to have the information corrected as soon as practicable.